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Letter to Friends re: WSJ Article on Universal Life

Last week, the Wall Street Journal published a front page article entitled Universal Life Insurance, a 1980’s Sensation, Has Backfired. The article contained points that were valid as far as they went, but were not applicable for the clients we serve under the conditions we create. Providing further understanding of the important differences is the purpose of this email. Universal life insurance is an insurance contract design that incorporates significant flexibility, essentially allowing clients to create a bespoke insurance contract directly tied to their unique needs. Flexibility in any area can be a help to some and a harm to


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Wes Thompson Visit

Capital Strategies had the privilege of entertaining Wes Thompson, CEO of M Financial, and his charming wife, Rosemarie at a dinner party on March 20th. The next morning, Wes visited the Capital Strategies’ offices, where he interacted with the CSG team regarding M’s strategic plan.


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Switch Dollar_Scaled

Switch Dollar and the Power of Deferral

David Byers and Hudson Williams both of Capital Strategies, and well-known author Larry Brody, recently authored “Switch Dollar and the Power of Deferral”, which appears in the April, 2018, edition of Trusts and Estates magazine.


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About Grid

Thoughts on Tax Reform

As you know, Thursday November 2, the House Ways and Means Committee released its first draft of legislation that would seek to “reform” the tax code.


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David Byers Presents at 2017 M Marketing Meeting

At the 2017 M Marketing Meeting, David Byers from Capital Strategies presented at a breakout session.


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Capital Strategies Attends 2017 M Marketing Meeting in Chicago

From September 24 through 27, 2017, several from the Capital Strategies team attended the M Marketing Meeting at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago.


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Capital Strategies and Diversified Trust host ACTEC Reception

Capital Strategies co-hosted a reception for ACTEC fellows at the Butler Snow offices in Ridgeland, Mississippi.


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Capital Strategies’ John Carter chairs ASO’s corporate fundraising drive

John Carter is once again in charge of corporate fundraising for the Maestro’s Ball for 2017. Stay tuned to find out more about this wonderful event. 


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Element of Touch_Short

Efficient Life Insurance Funding – An Element of Touch

Funding a life insurance contract efficiently is a target sport. It is very much like docking a boat or lagging a putt where just enough force is given so that, accounting for outside factors such as the wind and the current or the slope and the grain, the boat or the ball runs out of energy at the moment it nestles up to the target.


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David Byers Elected To M Financial Board of Directors


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